How do I keep my child’s Fund coverage while they attend college?

Full-Time Student Status

The Fund requires proof from the student’s school each semester*.  Student proof must be signed by the school registrar and for an undergraduate must state that the student is enrolled for 12 or more credits; for a graduate student 9 or more credits is required.  If you have already sent college proof to Suffolk County to continue health coverage, you must still forward proof to the Fund.  The Benefit Fund is not a Suffolk County department.

* Proof for the Spring Semester covers the dependent from January 1st to September 30th or the date classes are terminated, whichever comes first. The Fall semester covers the dependent from September 1st to January 31st or the date that classes end, whichever comes first. To keep your dependent’s coverage active between semesters you must file with the Fund a statement of intent (a school bill  or a  listing of tentative classes is acceptable).  However, if the Statement of Dependency is not received by the Fund within  30 days of the beginning of the semester, coverage will be terminated.  You will be billed for any reimbursement that the Fund has made in the interim.  Failure to remit payment will result in a suspension of all Fund benefits until such time as payment is made.