Phone Directory

Phone Numbers & Websites (pdf, printable)

Benefit Fund

SC Municipal Employees Benefit Fund 1-631-319-4099
SCMEBF fax number 1-631-218-7970
SCMEBF Facebook Page
Fund Email Contact
Fund Emergency/Urgent Voice Mail 1-631-319-4099 Ext. #323


3rd-Party Administrator

ASO, Inc. (Claims prior to 1/1/21) 1-800-626-5562
Healthplex: (Claims after 1/1/21)
    Active, Full COBRA & Enhanced Retirees Rapid Email Response:  1-866-717-1869
    “No-Cost” Basic Retirees & Basic Cobra Retirees 1-866-935-9047
Benefit Fund Claims Supervisor  1-631-319-4099

Pre-Paid Legal Plan

Feldman, Kramer, Monaco, P.C. 1-800-832-5182

Financial Planning

JB Greco & Associates, Inc. 1-631-617-5710

EMHP (Health Insurance)

Employee Medical Health Plan

For Enrollment and Eligibility 1-631-853-4866
Employee Benefit Unit Email Contact
Employee Benefits Representatives:
   If your last name begins with the letters:
     A thru C – Susan Sheldrick 1-631-853-4987
     D thru G – Grace Dugre 1-631-853-5316
     H thru K – Sherry Wilcox-Mills 1-631-853-4852
     L thru M – Maggie Brown 1-631-853-4807
     N thru R – Robin Vitalino 1-631-853-5493
     S thru Z – Diane Bo 1-631-853-5310


Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield 1-800-939-7515
24-Hour Nurse Talk Line  1-877-Talk2RN
Out-of-State Network Providers 1-800-810-BLUE

Prescription Benefits

Express Scripts (Jan. 1 – April 30, 2014)
Prescription Waiver Forms
Handled with your doctor and WellDyneRx
WellDyneRx (AFTER May 1, 2014)
(ID# on Card begins after “SC”) 1-855-799-6831

Mental Health Benefits

Beacon Health Options (Mental Health) 1-866-909-6472

Lab Work

QUEST Diagnostics for all LI Sites 1-800-877-7484
QUEST Diagnostics Automated
Appointment Scheduling 1-888-277-8772

Participating Unions

SC Association of Municipal Employees
(Suffolk County Community College and Westhampton Village Highway) 1-631-589-8400
SC Deputy Sheriff ’s PBA 1-631-289-1768
SC Correction Officer’s Association 1-631-208-1301

NYS Retirement System

NYS Retirement System 1-518-474-7736