PIN Numbers

Authorize For Release of Information Form

Many of our members have asked, “Do we now need to use our PIN on our claim forms instead of our Benefit Fund ID?”.  The answer to that question is NO!

Your PIN has been issued for security purposes only.  You do not want to share that number with anyone other than who you have authorized to use it and the Fund personnel who will need it to verify your identity.
By  now many of you are familiar with the Fund’s new PIN system and, hopefully, have found that while it may be an inconvenience, it’s a small price to pay to ensure that your privacy is protected.   For those of you who have not yet obtained your PIN, don’t wait until you need to access your Fund information, call the Fund today.

We’re still experiencing a large volume of telephone calls due to PIN requests, so if you can’t get through during work hours, try  leaving  a voice message after hours.  When you are automatically transferred to the Fund’s voicemail system  leave your message saying that you’d like a PIN along with  your name, social security number, and a day time telephone number that you can be reached at in the event we can not make out your social security number.  PINs will be issued for everyone in your family that need one and mailed directly to the person that the PIN has been issued for at the address contained in the member’s Fund record.

When you receive your PIN, you will also receive an authorization form.  If you or anyone else in your family makes telephone calls to the Fund on behalf of other family members you will need to fill this out and mail it back to the Fund.  Without the authorization, questions can only be answered to the person that the information pertains to. (Children under 18 do not need a PIN or an authorization form.  Either parent can access the child’s information by using their own PIN.)

At the present time all PIN requests are being issued on a day to day basis. If you don’t receive yours in the mail within a week to ten days, call the Fund to make sure that one was issued for you.  We also have all of your authorizations entered into the system, so if you’re calling the Fund on behalf of someone else and you’re told you haven’t been authorized to receive the information, check back with the person who said they authorized you and remind them to send in the form.

Remember, you only need the PIN if you want verbal information contained in your Fund file.  Simple general questions about how to use your benefits or  request for optical and tax vouchers don’t require the use of your PIN.

If you haven’t acquired your PIN yet, you can obtain one by calling  the Fund at 631-319-4099.