Retirement Planning

Retirement Consultation

Bob Draffin of Dynamic Retirement Solutions

Our active members now have retirement consultation services available to them at no cost.  Bob Draffin has served 37-years across his career with Suffolk County and will provide one-on-one personal consultations for all members who wish to discuss their retirement benefits. Consultations can be either in person or via telephone and will include retirement pension projections, beneficiary options, all the preparations needed for filing for retirement along with a review of your benefits as a retiree. These consultations will also allow you to get the answers to all the questions you have concerning your retirement. So, if you are within 5 years of retirement, Bob recommends making an appointment and having a consultation to start planning for your future after retirement!

AME Members, Management-Exempt and non-uniformed members – 631-319-4099

SCCOA Members – 631-208-1301

DSPBA Members – 631-289-1768