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Vouchers can only be requested, not printed, from this site.

After checking to see if you qualify for the benefit, enter the name of the person you are requesting the voucher for in the box located on line 1, select the type of voucher wanted by using the pull-down menu on line 2.  Complete the member information and then select the submit button.  You will receive your voucher within 7 business days of your request.   If for some reason the Fund is not able to issue the voucher you are requesting, you will receive an email explaining the reason why.

(Voucher requests for Tax Preparation Benefits can be found by clicking here)

Note: Legal Vouchers can ONLY be requested for claims from 1/1/17 to 7/31/17 and Members of the Self-Pay Enhanced Retiree Platinum Plan (The details of the new Pre-Paid Legal Services Plan are located here.

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